Wednesday 4 April 2012

Am I going to have to give up everything?

Really, what's to give up?
There's about a gazillion
unhelpful calories in this photo

Am I going to have to give up everything? I don't want to give up everything. 

No. I ate a significant amount of food during this little experiment of mine, in fact I had to talk myself in to eating everything I had planned.

If this question is one that concerns you the most let me make an observation:

You are obviously concerned enough about your health and weight to click on a link somewhere that led you here to Blobmosis. How is your current dietary intake working for you then? If you feel that you are over weight the responsibility remains squarely on your shoulders.

To clarify: Your weight is your responsibility. Not "the" weight. YOUR weight. Own it... you paid for it after all.  

It's a hard truth, I know. I was extremely good at fooling myself in to thinking that "some other force" had caused me to Blob out. I liked being called "big guy"... but I like a 32 inch waist more. (was 36 at the beginning of the month.)

PLEASE understand, that I am in no way diminishing your weight issues. Nor am I shying away from the psychological aspect of an unhealthy diet. What I am saying is that for whatever reason you find yourself staring at this page, only YOU can make a difference. Take the step and join this experiment, see how you go... you might find that it gives you some tools, and a foundation to stride forward from to really deal with why you drawn to blobmosis in the first place.

Give up everything? Commit to 28 days (a short time in the scheme of things) and what you will give up you will never want back - I know I don't want my 21 pounds back (almost 10 kilos).

HAVE to give up everything? No. You don't HAVE to do anything. Keep on doing what you have been doing, but just don't expect a positive outcome, and own... really own the situation.

"Enough already - I want IN... I am totally up for this" I hear you say....
Really? Glad to hear it, click here and you'll be on your way.  or just scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Still more questions? Want to see what other's have found after completing the experiment? Sure, here you go:

Simon - 10 kilo's (22 pounds) lighter, and in line to reach his goal. Click here for Simon's Success Story

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