Thursday 5 April 2012

Plan.. you gotta have a plan.

Yes, I know they are house plans.
It's a METAPHORIC reference...

How did I find my “plan?”

I didn't... so much information is out there, on millions of pages. Most of it confusing. A lot of it hyper motivational, but lacking in any real substance.

NONE of it offering the person who is concerned with their health any amount of ownership and responsibility. ALL of them required a hand held approach that in the long run wouldn’t be sustainable for me.

I am a very independent person, I like to make decisions for myself, even bad ones – but when I get it right… angels sing.

No. Angels don’t sing, but being right about my choices for me is one of my great joys.

Seriously. Type in “detox” and it seems that there are a million pages all banging on about how they are the experts. EVERY one of them attempting to sell something.

Most of it was crap OR if the site was really good, there wasn’t a hope in hell that it could be found amongst all detritus that was floating around it.

My seat of the pants plan made sense to me, let me eat enjoyable amounts of food, and didn’t impact my wife. A good thing given all the eye-rolling she directed at me when I uttered my detox intentions.

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