Thursday 5 April 2012

Saying "NO" to protein shakes.

I don't know what he is so happy about,
oh... I know. Protein goop. Good luck
with that. I'll be over here eating food.
You are going to make me drink protein shakes and take a million different kinds of supplements aren't you?


Part of the whole experiment was to go in the opposite direction of the current weight loss trend.

Yes you can get pretty good results if you do nothing but consume protein shakes every three and a half minutes, but it isn't food and frankly in the long term it isn't sustainable.

If you are trying to bulk up and add muscle then certainly there is a place for protein supplements. My argument is that by eating real and unprocessed food and dropping weight in the first place you are creating a blank canvas to work from with respect to adding muscle - if that is your thing. The application of such a drink should be as a supplement though. Something that 90 percent of the training industry has translated to "replacement".

Me? I'm actually happy not to have to schlep around any additional weight, and even when I start training again I would be more than happy to simply lean up a bit, rather than replace all that weight with muscle.

For the record though: About 10 days in I did start taking a colon cleansing supplement, and am a bit non-plussed by the result. I don't really have an opinion whether it did great good or not, but figure it couldn't have hurt the situation.

I certainly don't think it aided any weight loss. Before you get all huffy about it, I am not going to try to sell you on the idea.

Like all things in this experiment, you can do it or not. The outcome will probably be the same. Unless of course you are carrying about a whole pile of poo in your system, and if that is the case it couldn't hurt to get rid of it...

Poop talk is minimal in the emails. Thankfully.

"Enough already - I want IN... I am totally up for this" I hear you say....
Really? Glad to hear it, click here and you'll be on your way.  or just scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Still more questions? Want to see what other's have found after completing the experiment? Sure, here you go:

Simon - 10 kilo's (22 pounds) lighter, and in line to reach his goal. Click here for Simon's Success Story

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