Wednesday 4 April 2012

I just don't have the time...

Time keeps on tickin' tickin'
tickin' ...
I don't have the time to cook, what do you have to say about that?

Not much really, other than I'm not a fan of long and drawn out cooking processes.

Breakfast is cooked in less than 5 minutes (including clean up)
Lunch is a 12 minute thing
Dinners are occasionally longer in prep time, but there is nothing that takes longer than 15 minutes to prepare, with the exception of the chicken curry which takes little time to put together, but needs to simmer for an hour.

Really though, once the routine is formed none of it is "hard cooking" and is designed to get fresh food prepared and in your face as quickly as possible.

A tiny bit of time management and you will actually save time eating this way. Don't let "time" be an excuse to continue eating rubbish food.

You'll work it out, because you are worth the time.

"Enough already - I want IN... I am totally up for this" I hear you say....
Really? Glad to hear it, click here and you'll be on your way.  or just scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Still more questions? Want to see what other's have found after completing the experiment? Sure, here you go:

Simon - 10 kilo's (22 pounds) lighter, and in line to reach his goal. Click here for Simon's Success Story

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