Friday 6 April 2012

Relatively speaking

This much? More? Less? It depends on where you are now.
You lost almost 10kgs (22 pounds) that means I will too, right?

Honestly? The answer is "maybe".

I'm confident that changing the way you think about food, AND what food it is that you place in your mouth will make a difference...but the amount of weight that you will lose will be entirely determined by the amount of weight you have available to lose.

That's why I find the percentage lost is a better yardstick overall.


I had 10 kilograms to lose. And I lost it. AND I'm happy about it. But I started out at 103kgs (228 pounds), so that is a net loss of almost 10 percent.

However if you have a starting weight of 60 kilograms, then the idea of dropping to 50 is a dramatic one (unless you are 4 foot 4). That would involve about a 17% loss, and if you don't have 17% of body weigh to lose... well... then we are getting in to diet sickness land. So a 10 % loss for you would equate to 6kgs  (13 pounds).

If of course you are my height (6 feet/ 183cms) and currently weigh 130 kgs (285 pounds) then you stand a chance of losing way more than 10% given that there is a real chance you have up to 30% of your body weight to ditch.

I really am not trying to complicate this... because it isn't a complicated thing.

To summarise: If you have excess weight to lose, then you'll lose it, but it is entirely relative to where you are now. Don't set any weight loss goals, just get on with the experiment and see what happens. Even if you lose a kilo, your body will thank you for it, and be a whole lot healthier for eating good food and setting up new habits.

"Enough already - I want IN... I am totally up for this" I hear you say....
Really? Glad to hear it, click here and you'll be on your way.  or just scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Still more questions? Want to see what other's have found after completing the experiment? Sure, here you go:

Simon - 10 kilo's (22 pounds) lighter, and in line to reach his goal. Click here for Simon's Success Story

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