Saturday 31 March 2012

I carried out this experiment in March of 2012.

My goal?

Really it was nothing more than to clear my system out after a mammoth Christmas and New year.

The result?

28 days. 10 Kilo's (22 pounds) lost.

Sounds all grand doesn't it? To be fair though I started out at 102.7 and finished at 92.9, the relevance of these numbers is more important when I say I lost almost 10% of my body weight.

Surprised? I know I was (still am, truth be told)

Lost body weight percentage makes way more sense as a scale as to how someone has performed during this little experiment of mine. I wouldn't expect an 80 kilo person to dump 10 kegs... so the equivalent "flags up get a gold star" end point would be something approximating 8kg off over the time frame.

All the relevant information will be added in the next couple of weeks - but this I promise.

I will NOT try to sell you anything. (I don't have anything to sell)

NOTHING.. nada - zip... zilch... nothing.

Check back soon. I'm excited (and still a little dumbfounded that it was so easy)

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So excited. SO excited.

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