Saturday 7 April 2012

Sausages? I know... right?

Who would have thought that great big fat sausages could assist you to lose weight.

It's the reason I chose them first, in a kind of rebellion against all things "health industry".

There is a caveat though. The ONLY sausages I recommend you buy, no matter what meat they are made from (pork is my favourite, but to each their own) they MUST be organic, and only contain meat and herbs - no hideous sausage extender, no chemicals etc.

If you can't get sausages that can guarantee all those things don't get them. Go for a steak and mushroom gravy instead. (equally tasty).

SO cook them however you like, but if they are really thick it might be worth cooking them for 10 minutes or so then cut them down the middle to make sure the innards are properly cooked.

Best cooked strait on the BBQ, but pan frying them in the kitchen works just as well.

They can be really high in fat, and while I am not overly concerned by fat content, I really only ate these a couple of times in the month.

Tasty though. Serve with Monster Salad.

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