Saturday 7 April 2012

Almonds, great snack, great for you.

Almonds are my favourite snack food.

They have a meaty texture and when washed down with water most satisfying.

I usually throw 7 to 10 of them in my mouth and drink a large glass of water immediately after.

Lots of good gear, high in protein, and great for you.

Make sure though that you get unroasted almonds - you want them straight out of the shell, and roasting removes most of the good stuff that raw almonds contain.


  1. Andrew, can you recommend an alternative for those of us with no teef?

    I lost all my own teeth in a motorcycle accident 30 years ago, and since then, I've found that false teeth and nuts go together like anchovies and bananas! It's like eating broken glass...

    I do love nuts, though, so I was thinking of maybe making almonds into a paste. Sounds disgusting, I know, but apart from peanut butter, there's not a lot of nut-based options for us gummies!

    Any ideas?

  2. Now that is I curly one.

    But first, as a bike lover myself, bad luck about the teeth thing... hope you still ride though. (understand if you don't)

    I'm open to suggestions on a resolution for this (the almonds not your teeth).

    THe thing about almonds is that they have a whole ot of good stuff in them.

    How about almond paste? On a cracker? Would that work?

    I'm just swinging here...


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