Wednesday 4 April 2012

Monster salad.

The monster salad is the delicious, but is only a foundation.

The key to it is fresh raw ingredients, so take it and run with the idea, or just eat it as it is. I would add onions too, but my partner is allergic to them.

Dice and jam in to a serving bowl (serves 2) prep time 5 minutes. 10 if you are in to precise uniformity in your dicing.

1 x medium cucumber
1 x medium carrot
1/2 x capsicum (bell pepper) whatever colour you prefer. I like green.
1/3 (ish) x Iceberg lettuce. Rough chopped.
4 to 6 mushrooms.
1 handful of baby spinach leaves.

As to dressing, you can go all hard-core and eat it undressed.

I didn't.

A good sprinkling of black pepper. (ground)
A couple of turns of the salt grinder (go easy on the salt)
Store bought Italian dressing. Low fat or not, only use a couple of table spoons per person and dress it once on the plate.

"OOooh" I hear you say "Salad dressing..."


Store bought salad dressing - problem?

 You could just sprinkle a bit of white vinegar on it if you feel like being partially hard core.

*no matter what your starting weight is make sure you get a huge-ish serve of this really healthy salad. By huge-ish I mean that you should pile your plate up only leaving a bit of room for whatever you are serving with it.

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