Saturday 31 March 2012

The donation page...

Yup, this site is free to use, but it like all things costs money to maintain.

AND while I hope this experiment pays enough cash to cover the running costs and advertising of the site, any left over will be used so I can concentrate specifically on being a writer.

My first novel is in the final throws of it's last edit, and should hopefully be out soon enough - any additional funds will help to promote it, and allow me to continue with the series.

The donation process is NOT obligatory - but if you've succeeded and feel that the site has helped you in your success please consider dumping a couple of bucks in the coffers.

I used to have 3 buttons here, but in my effort to make things easier I managed to only create a stack of donate buttons that didn't work.

SO, I've decided to go with a user decides button - so if you are in a donating mood, just click the donate button below and add your preferred amount. $5, $10, the dollar equivalent to your percentage of weight lost, $1000, whatever - you can add your preferred amount as you like (and you don't have to be a member of PayPal to do it just zoom down to the bit that says "Don't have a PayPal account?  Use your credit card or bank account (where available)" and then hit continue.)

Thanks in advance.


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